About Us

Transforming Governance to be inclusive, innovative and impactful.

Welcome to CSG

We are on a mission to transform the way governance is experienced by the citizens.

The Government of Karnataka has donned a new avatar that is youthful, vibrant, and driven by a strong sense of urgency to create change that is positive, sustainable, and life-changing not just for the citizens of our state but of our country as a whole.

We are on a mission to shift the very way governance is experienced by the citizens and our weapon of choice is Technology. While technology is the vehicle, the fuel that fires us up is the passion to impact lives.

We are leaving no stone left unturned, in providing our innumerable services & support in a manner that is easily accessible, cost-effective, and rapid to all our citizens.

Our Skill

Creating breakthroughs for a brighter tomorrow.
Making government services more accessible.

As a government agency, we are at the cusp of a revolution now we are overhauling systems that we have outgrown and installing leaner, more effective ones in their place & making the lives of citizens far easier.

We are creating breakthrough solutions to age-old problems by adopting a complete paradigm shift in thinking and building new systems from the ground up to fit the scale of this vision.

At CSG, we have the opportunity to work on very cutting-edge technologies that support the government in all its initiatives and ensure delivery to the citizens.

We get to be part of a unit that builds every project completely in-house, right from conceptualization to completion, thus giving us the tremendous satisfaction that comes with being part of something far larger than ourselves.

Let's work together